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Air Hockey Garden Games

If you’ve had the pleasure of playing this game, you’d know how addictive it can be. Air hockey is both entertaining and easy to play. You could feel the rush of adrenaline through your body while playing this game in the garden.

Air hockey tables come in different sizes – it could be an arcade that takes much space or a smaller table that can fit into a small apartment. Most of them come with an electronic scoreboard that displays a score during a match. More and more people are understandably acquiring air hockey tables nowadays. They can be enjoyed by both children and adults; even if you are not familiar with playing it, it is very easy to learn.

How to get the perfect air hockey table:

Before beginning your quest of acquiring the best air hockey table for you, it is important to make out time to understand some things about these tables. This is particularly necessary if it is your first time of purchasing an air hockey table. At this point, you should be mainly concerned with understanding the various designs alongside their main features.

Here are some types of air hockey tables:

These tables are all different, built to meet various preferences and needs. Below are the common types:

• Regular air hockey tables: They are the most common tables in the market, having various sizes that can range from small tables for kids to bigger tables for adults. They are cheaper than the arcade tables because they don’t come with electronic scoring boards, music and lights. Generally, they are most suitable for children and teenagers.

• Tabletop: This is ideal for people who have limited space in their homes. It is both portable and can easily be removed because it has a rubber feet that can be kept on any tabletop. For instance, it can be placed on a kitchen or dining table. This is the most affordable way of playing this game in our house, and it is also suitable for children.

• Arcade-style tables: They are the best because they represent exactly what air hockey tables should look like. This is the kind of air hockey table that has the all-weather performance. Made of quality materials, they are sturdier and more expensive than the rest. Depending on the model, they come with a scoring board, sound effects, and other amazing features. Their playing surface is usually very smooth to give you the best playing experience. Arcade air hockey tables can last for a very long time.

Multiple games table: Because of the advancement in technology, it is now possible to get a table that has more than one game. These tables are designed in such a way that you could play up to three arcade games. For instance, you could play both ping pong and air hockey on one table.

Things you should consider before buying an air hockey table:
• Your budget
• Your playing skill level
• Your source of power
• The thickness and dimension of the table surface
• The material used; wood/metal or plastic
• The warranty period of the table

Air hockey is an interesting game that can be enjoyed by all people as a garden game. It will be great to have it in your home. You might feel that outdoor games are more fun compared to indoor games, but once you discover the fun of air hockey tables, that notion will change.