What is a Composter?

A composter is a machine that breaks down organic material into compost which can then be used as fertilizer. Composting is the process of breaking down plant and animal matter into nutrient-rich soil. The bacteria in the air, on plants, on animals, and on earth break down the organic material into smaller pieces over time […]

How to take care of indoor plants

Do you have any plants in your house? Indoor plants are great for adding some greenery, but they require a lot of care. This blog will teach you how to take care of indoor plants so that your home is full of lush vegetation and it looks like a jungle! Lots of people think that […]

Eco-friendly Inspirations You Need to Explore When Setting a Kitchen Garden

It’s the dream of every homeowner to add a touch of beauty in their home. People call landscapers and experts in outdoor set up to give their home a glamorous look. As part of the services, they leave space for a kitchen garden to reduce the bills incurred in buying fruits and vegetables. Although not […]

The Power of Marketing Automation For Eco-Garden Businesses

Environmentalists advocate for eco-friendly gardening, for it plays a significant role in saving the planet earth. Do you know your small garden could be the beginning of a large eco garden business? The bridge between its success and failure depends on how fast or slow you want the company to move. Definitely, if you are […]

Bringing Nature To Your Toilet Rooms

There are many innovative ideas that you can use for your toilet and make it look different and close to nature. For this, you can seek advice from your friend who has already got the toilet rooms constructed. Moreover, by having a thorough look at the toilet room you will be able to get a lot of […]

Recommended Tools For Building An Eco-Garden At Home

You have wanted to try your hand at eco-gardening for awhile but were stuck on how to go about it Gardening is your passion and you just can’t wait to start. You tried to buy a shed but there is none that seems to match the ideas you have in your head. After searching far […]

Water-Saving Bathroom Essentials for Houses with Eco-Garden

Before you can even start planning to have your own garden at home you will need to consider some basic essentials. A healthy garden must include nutrient-rich soil and fertilizers, the right amount of space depending on garden size, sunlight, patience and an abundant supply of water. Introducing eco-friendly systems and water-saving bathroom essentials will […]

Outdoor Air Hockey Games For Family Bonding

AIR HOCKEY: It is one of the games that is played between two players. This games if fully depended on the game table. It is a low friction table having zero gravity force. This game requires: An air hockey table Two strikers A puck It is a great source for family fun. You can end […]

Air Hockey Garden Games

If you’ve had the pleasure of playing this game, you’d know how addictive it can be. Air hockey is both entertaining and easy to play. You could feel the rush of adrenaline through your body while playing this game in the garden. Air hockey tables come in different sizes – it could be an arcade […]

Garden Sauna Spa

People often go to spa and sauna centers to relax, refresh, and rejuvenate. However, sometimes going to public spas can be rather annoying as you just want to be alone without having too many people being around you. Another thing is that people just can’t bother having to travel to get to the spa and […]