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Eco House Gardening

Our very own existence on this earth is dependent on plants.

Indoor Gardening
Water Gardening
Raised Bed Gardening
Container Gardening

"To Plant A Garden Is To Believe In Tomorrow"

About Gardening

What is gardening?

Our very own existence on this earth is dependent on plants. Plants are essential to life. Besides acting as food sources, they also release oxygen and absorbing carbon dioxide while maintaining the water table and helping us lead a healthy life. Many plants grow in the wild, but people also tend to and cultivate certain plants, bushes, and shrubs on their property. In a nutshell, these activities are known as gardening. They include growing, weeding, watering, mulching, trellising, and harvesting these plants.

The different types of plants grown include ornamental ones, root vegetables, leaf vegetables, herbs, fruits, and others for medicinal use.

Making a Business Out of Gardening

If you are passionate about the garden, you can make a business out of it. In your desire to grow and cultivate plants, you can maximize the use of the space you have to make money while helping others get their gardens started. This you can do by partnering with landscapers, garden shops, and teaching facilities. You may go ahead and specialize in specific types of gardening and offer gardening setup services, selling of seeds, teaching gardening, or providing maintenance services apart from doing it on a large scale and selling fresh vegetables and ornamental plants!

Different Types of Gardening in Your Home?

Indoor gardening

This type of gardening is mostly for growing in-house plants. It can be done inside a building or an eco-house such as a greenhouse or a specially-designed conservatory. Indoor gardening is incorporated as part of indoor air quality enhancers. You can grow flowers as well as fruit-bearing plants.

Water gardening

It is a type of gardening concerned with cultivating plants that grow in pools and ponds. You can do water gardening using a vessel that contains water. Better yet, you can introduce fish, algae, and other aquatic plants or harmless animals to your garden.

Raised bed gardening

This refers to a type of cultivating flowers on independent freestanding structures made of wood, stone, concrete, or plastic. With a raised-bed garden, you can grow ornamental plants, vegetables, fruits, and medicinal plants. This type of gardening provides better drainage and requires less maintenance.

Container gardening

This is a brilliant gardening idea for patios and balconies as well as for hanging plants. You can grow plants on pots, hanging baskets, and planters. Container gardening is especially ideal if you are space-constrained or when you want to eliminate weed problems. You also get to control the climate around the plant however you want. Container gardening can be used to cultivate flowers, vegetables, and herbs.

Benefits of Having a Garden at Home

Gardening is good for your health. Besides improving your mood and exposing you to vitamin D, that is if your garden is out in the yard, it has been linked to reduced risks of getting dementia. The exercise itself is good for your bones and heart.

With gardening, you never have to stop. Once you begin, you are likely to make it a hobby, which is a good thing since gardens matter for the planet. They act as air purifiers at home and they filter water and carbon dioxide. It also maintains the health of the birds, bees, and some insects.

Gardens make your home look incredibly beautiful, which not only says something about your home but also attracts birds giving you beautiful wildlife scenery. It also gives your children a chance to feel a great sense of accomplishment after they grow their own plants.

Gardening fosters a sense of community, especially in community gardening. It is also a great source of food, house décor plants, fruits, vegetables, and medicine!

Gardens are also good for pollination and above all, it connects you to nature!


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